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Profile of Chairman

Chairman of Yongguan Group:LvXinming
Member of the national people’s congress of Fuzhou, Jiangxi
Executive vice president of Cangnancommerce association in Shanghai
Executive vice president of industry and commerce association of Qingpu, Shanghai

personal achievement

一、Steering research,威尼斯人开元棋牌:facilitate steady development

Core competitiveness is the key of positive development and win advantage of enterprises. Especially for a manufacturing company.As a supply of integrated solution, Yongguan pay full attention to advanced, quality, practical products for customers, from 2007 to now on, sales volume is going up fast. Clients are all over global, developping new products continuously, which shows powerful research engine, we have to say, The founder - Mr. LvXinming is the inspiration of this. Who has more than 10 years experience of production and researching. Mr. Lv has started his career 26 years ago, working hard as a worker in the workshop, meanwhile he had focused to understand the running of the machines, adhesive preparation and formulation. Since he had passion of products researching, he developed high quality and corresponding customers request products. Mr. Lv is an iron will man, he had been working all night, thinking further, persisting think till work out, when he has encounter tough problems, he always works on site, in workshops, research and develop labs, leading technical team discovering root cause of the problems, by discussing or talking it over, facilitate company overrunning competitors in very short time. Yongguan has become one of the well-known adhesive products manufacturer.

二、Creative and Practical, reinforcing hardware and software, improving technical talents

President Lv sees far, he found Jiangxi Yongguan technique develop Ltd in Jiangxi this years. Company plants of 200,000 square meters, which leads ahead in adhesive tape industry by this quality base. This is foundation of future development.

Sales volume has been increasing constantly ,Mr. Lv ‘s spirit of creativity is the engine of this, he has written himself about Hot melt PSAs new technology for cloth tape, this is the first patent of the company, we have owned 9 invention patent, 2 utility patent, 5 appearance patent.. Due to Mr. Lv has great responsibility of creation, he has been pushing upgrading products constantly and quickly, now ,Yongguan is one of the most influential companies in this industry of Huadong, China .

 High quality products, excellent service , integrated system, updated concept, practical working style, all of them demonstratesYongguan’s positive image and credit .

Technique development is first priority in Yongguan progressing. It is well known as powerful technique and excellent management since it was found. We research everything, such as hot melt adhesive, high holding power hot melt adhesive, high temperature resistance natural rubber adhesive; recycle PSA; develop new fiberglass material and air cleaner.  The member of research team has more than 10 years relative working experience, is specialist of this field. Though, we have cultivated ourselves and our own way, but we have owned plenty of fruit of intelligent property, and we are one of top 10 of local taxpayers

          Talents are the first priority of ourcompany, we have been concentrating to tutoring, cultivating talents for technical team as well as production team from very beginning.  The special point of the tape industry is the instability of quality, it says  a lot, the problem is from machine, environment, raw material for example. So that, Mr. Lv enroll high tech and talent people, consist a technique team, found technique committee, 2 research and development centers ( one in Shanghai and one in Jiangxi) , equipped with high tech measurement instruments. The production director and research director are responsible for the majority of job, evaluation ,instruction and consulting case by case. Our representative of research team made presentation frequently in the annual forum of China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association. Group invest continuously on researching , new machines, not only expending supply chain , and also facilitating spiral manufacture.

三、Plenty of fruit in creation, speed up development

President Mr. Lv take high priority in research, we have owned 9 invention patent, 2 utility patent, 5 appearance patent.., plenty of products passed Rohs, Reach , UL international certificate. And established platform of high tech development. Company is qualified of High tech enterprise and tiny giant enterprise of Shanghai, mean while , cooperate with Huadong university for joint of study and research project .

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